Famous Celebrity Chibi

Chibi or Superdeformed characters has been known in Japan and recognized as one of the drawing styles in anime and manga. It is not restricted to just mangas, live actors/actresses also have chibi versions of themselves to market merchandise/products.So what is chibi all about? It means “super deformed” originally meaning small child, small animal, but is now used in pop culture to refer to “small, cute versions of manga and anime”. I have here a sample of chibi style artwork of one of the famous actors in Hollywood.

Edward and Scissorhands

Edward and Scissorhands

Mr. Willy Wonka of Charlie and Chocolate Factory


Sweeny Todd


Captain Jack Sparrow


Try to guess and I’m pretty sure you know who’s that actor. It was cute and adorable yet easily to recognize the person even the drawing style is like that. You can check out other examples of Exoro Choice chibis from superheroes, movies to famous people, visit the gallery and shop to download digital copy of each cute and adorable chibi!