Exoro Choice Cute Chibis

They may look cute, funny, adorable and super cute if we saw our favorite characters in Cute / Young design, Super Deformed or Chibi.

What is Chibi? It’s a style of drawing characters in manga (Japanese comics). It means “super deformed” originally meaning small child, small animal, but is now used in pop culture to refer to “small, cute versions of manga and anime”. You can typically noticed their over sized heads but cute. The style normally looks like a person with big eyes, a big head, small body, simplified features, and over exaggerated emotions/expressions. It is not restricted to just mangas, live actors/actresses also have chibi versions of themselves to market merchandise/products.

With Anime and Manga topping the gaming charts, this word makes its presence felt all over the world. Now a days Chibi style has more to do with drawing a character with over sized head and proportionality small body, but the outcome is rather cute.

The SD or super deformed style is part of Japanese culture and it is popular everywhere from advertising and subway signs to anime and manga; Chibi existed at least since SD Gundam in the 1980′s. It is often also used on anime and manga in brief interjections to show an exaggerated emotion, such as anger or surprise. Character emotions that would be difficult to portray or would seem out of character if expressed on a more realistic face. They are meant to be cute.